Návštěva studentů z Dánska​

Návštěva studentů z Dánska​


Yesterday was a great experience for us. They looked friendly. We talked about our school and our rules. Their school has different rules than ours. Boys’ typical hairstyle is long hair. At their school they learn many languages like Italian, Spanish, French, German and they do not have Russian. They do not have a school canteen at their school so they have to bring their own food.

Natálie Nováková, Zuzana Horelová

On Thursday a few Danish students visited our business academy. They came with their teacher. First we met at our classroom. Then we talked about our school, which subject we have, what branch we study and about our teachers. Then the Danish students introduced their school and we tried to find differences between Czech and Danish schools. After that we made groups of four people – two Czech and two Danish – and we showed them our school. The students were very nice and talkative and we were surprised that they are better at English than us even if they are younger than us.

Širancová, Moravcová

Yesterday on 7.9.2017 we had a visit at our business academy. Our visitors were from a Danish school. At first they had to bring chairs for themselves. Then our class 3.A started to introduce our school. After we finished with our presentation, the Danish students introduced their school. Their teacher tried to point out the things in which our school is different as well as thing which are similar. Then we made pairs – our school students and their school students and were put in groups of four. We showed them our school. It was quite short visit but I would say it was enjoyable on both sides.

Tereza Plecitá, Rebeca Byšková

Yesterday our class hoped to have a normal English lesson but our teacher had a surprise for us. To our school came a group of Danish students. First we were in the classroom and our class with our teacher talked about our school and later the Danish students made the same. Then we showed them our school (classrooms, school canteen, library). We were amazed by the Danish system of teaching.

Iveta Janáčková, Tereza Kalová